Global Challenge

Global Challenge #5 key dates

This year, in conjunction with Practera, we are delighted to be able to offer Global Challenge in two blocks.

Global Challenge #5 • 14 Nov – 9 Dec, 2022

Commitment to be involved and approximate number of students (for planning purposes) required by 23 September.

To optimise student engagement and increase the operational efficiency of the programme we are seeking a minimum of 5 students from each participating institution.

Express your interest and estimate numbers

(Student details required by 14 October)

Institutional Information

Here is a recording of an Institutional Briefing for Global Challenge #5 with overviews of the background, program structure, learning outcomes, learning platform and key dates for Global Challenge #5

 Recording of Institutional Briefing for Global Challenge #5

Contact Judie Kay for other enquiries Judie Kay

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