Vision and Mission


The organization’s vision is to be the premier international organization linking the world’s leading higher education institutions, employers and public authorities, all of whom share a profound commitment to preparing new generations for a lifetime of professional success in today’s global & diverse workforce.  Our vision will be achieved through research, programs & services designed to globally advance all forms of learning where education is integrated with professional work experience.


Globally Advance High Quality Cooperative & all other forms of Work-Integrated Education by

  1. facilitating global debate
  2. showcasing best practices
  3. fostering international networks & exchanges, and
  4. offering research, programs and services with the aim to:
  • advance professionalization through innovation in experiential learning, academic quality enhancement, and demonstrating results through relevant and focused research;
  • advance and promote the recognition of importance of high quality cooperative & work-integrated education as the best workforce development scheme for today’s Global Society.

The organization is committed to achieving its Mission without prejudice and without any ideological, political or religious bias and on a not-for-profit basis.

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