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JUNE 28 - 30, 2023

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Virtual Global Conference

When: May 10/11-13 2021

WACE will hold an innovative online conference that will bring together the global WIL community to explore work-integrated learning and its important role in the emerging world of work.

3rd-7th August 2019

University of Cincinnati, Ohio, United States

Proceedings Editors – Karsten E. Zegwaard & Marty Ford

5th – 8th June, 2017

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Proceedings Editors – Karsten E. Zegwaard & Marty Ford

18 – 21 August, 2015

Kyoto Sangyo University, Japan

There is no single proceedings document; separate refereed papers are listed.

Conference Proceedings Refereed Papers

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Suniti Bandaranaike, James Cook University & John Willison The University of Adelaide ‘Understanding Emotional Work-Readiness in the Workplace

Kathryn McLachlan, Felicity Rawlings-Sanaei, Debbie Haski-Leventhal, Colina Mason &Rebecca Bilous Macquarie University ’Exploring WIL through a community development lens’

Gregory Reddan, Griffith University ‘Enhancing the employability of Exercise Science students’

Paul Scott, University of Newcastle ‘About the free in freelance: communication industries and work integrated learning at a regional Australian university’


David Drewery, Judene Pretti University of Waterloo & Antoine Pennaforte, CNAM, LISE-CNRS UMR ‘Conceptualizing the Quality of Cooperative Education Work Term Experiences: An Exploration from the Students Perspective’


Tenggang Xu & Beibei Zhang, Shanghai University of Engineering Science ‘The Co-operative Education Practicing in China’


Karin Reinhard & Anna Pogrzeba, DHBW Ravensburg & Rosemary Townsend, Cape Peninsula University of Technology & Carver Pop, Namibia University of Science and Technology ‘A Comparative Study of Cooperative Education and Work-Integrated Learning in Germany, South Africa, and Namibia’


Ratna Lubis, Telkom University-Indonesia ‘From Work-Integrated Learning to Student Ecopreneurial Start-Ups Activity: How far will students go?’

Ratna Lubis & Riema Afriani Kusumadewi, Telekom University-Indonesia ‘Ten Years Later: A Puzzling Picture of Work-Integrated Learning to Students Entrepreneurial Skills’


Tetsuro Onitsuka, Katsuhiko Nakanishi, & Megumi Fujiwara, Kyoto Sangyo University & Sohei Yamada, Kyoto Seika University’An Undergraduate Career-Restructuring Program, its Rationale and Educational Outcome’

Yasushi Tanaka, Kyoto Sangyo University ‘History, Present State, and Future Issues of CWIE in Japan’


Katharine Hoskyn, Auckland University of Technology & Karsten E. Zegwaard,University of Waikato ‘Trends in research methods and approaches in cooperative and work-integrated education research’


Roelien Brink, Martie Mearns, & Tanya du Plessis, University of Johannesburg Iimproved information management through a centralised work-integrated learning unit’

Maggie Chetty, Durban University of Technology & Allyson Lawless, Department of Higher Education and Training’What has been done and still needs to be done to Skill South Africans’

Hendrik Grobler, University of Johannesburg ‘Work Integrated Learning for South African Mine Surveyors, a seven year journey’

Karla Keating, Cape Peninsula University of Technology ‘Training industry mentors as a means to move toward global competency and work-integrated learning success’

Duduzile Mzindle, Durban University of Technology ‘Attitudes and Perceptions of students about work Integrated Learning (WIL) in the B. Ed Programme in Higher Education’

Susanne Taylor, Cookie Govender, & Katlego Modisagae, University of Johannesburg ‘walking the work integrated learning road others have walked before but avoiding the implementation potholes: A transdisciplinary approach’


Said Morad Babaheidari & Per Flensburg, University West ‘Towards a Framework for Reconceptualization of Work-integrated Learning: an ontological approach’


Hong-ming Ku & Saranya Thonglek, King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi ‘Learning and Soft Skills Development in Chemical Engineering Practice School Students Using AIChE National Student Design Competition Problems’

Anucha Watanapa, Nopparat Piromsattayakul, Supakrit Janpa & Wisitsree Wiyarath, King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi ‘The Efficiency improvement of Cleaning Process on Passenger Trainby Using Lean Management Technique: A Case Study of Chiang-Mai – Bangkok Route’

Wisitsree Wiyaratn, Papapit Hirunsirisawat, Anucha Watanapa, Siwaporn Pormlek & Pilaiwand Dutsadee, King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi ‘Work Integrated Learning: Improving shipping channels from packing section (Carton pack ) to the Warehouse in ABC company Thailand using Arena Program’


Gayle Elliott, Noriko Fujioka-Ito & Eckard Rademann, University of Cincinnati ‘Developing Global Engineers through International Cooperative Education: A University of Cincinnati Model’

Francine White, LaGuardia Community College ‘Inside and Out Teaching the Recently Incarcerated How to Get to Work’

24 – 27 June, 2013

Durban, South Africa

There is no single proceedings document; separate refereed papers are listed.

Conference Proceedings Refereed Papers

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Adam Usher, University of Victoria (Research) WACE Developing Students’ Professional Learning Identities: Early Findings from an AVID-focused Site-based Teacher Education Model

Kate Andre, Bev Ewens & Fiona Foxall, Edith Cowan University (Discussion) Work Integrated Learning- A Whole of Curriculum Approach_ECU

Kathy Henschke, RMIT (Discussion) Feeling the Heat – Developing individual, social and professional agency for, in and through work placements

Louise Dunn, Swinburne University of Technology (Discussion) Research in cooperative education, making the assumptions explicit


La-Cresha Gordon-Brydson, University of Technology Jamaica (Discussion) The Challenges and Opportunities with advancing Co-operative Education as a Workforce Preparedness…


Hartini Ahmad, Universiti Utara Malaysia (Research) Innovative Cooperative and Work-Integrated Education – Corporate Social Responsibility for Economic Stability

Nor Idayu Mahat, Universiti Utara Malaysia (Research) Addressing Skills Gaps in Wholesale and Retail

New Zealand

Karsten Zegwaard & Richard Coll, University of Waikato (New Zealand) Overview of the Asia-Pacific Journal of Cooperative Education

Karsten Zegwaard, University of Waikato & Matthew Campbell, Griffith University (Research) Ethics and Values Work Placement Influences on Students’ Perceptions

South Africa

Ann Lourens, Ruth Connelly & Ronelle Plaatjes, NMMU (Discussion) Reflections towards Enhancing Student Retention Approaches in Engineering Education from a Co-Curricular Persp

Eric Tshilidzi Nenzhelele, UNISA (Research) The influence of a work-integrated learning course in administrative management on employability (2)

George Onatu, University of Johannesburg (Research) Factors Affecting Progress of South African Planning Students’ in Problem-Based Learning

Hanifa Abdullah, UNISA (Discussion) A Model for Work Integrated Learning (WIL) in an Open Distance Learning (ODL) environment

Maritha Pritchard, University of Johannesburg (Discussion) How Social Recruitment Requres Students to Manage a Responsible Digital Footprint

Melody Brauns, DUT (Discussion) Employability Of Graduates Through Work-Integrated Learning (WIL)

Nombeko Dwesini & Vikelwa Nomnga, Walter Sisulu University (Research) Hositality Management Students’ Experiences of Work-integrated learning

Nombeko Dwesini, Walter Sisulu University (Research) Employers Views on the Quality of Graduates from the faculty of science engineering and technology

PH vd Westhuizen & Hema Kesa, University of Johannesburg (Research) Developing Skills through Work Integrated Learning – Important or Unimportant

Portia Rakoma, DUT (Research) Developing Skills through Work Integrated Learning – Important or Unimportant

Rene Benecke, University of Johannesburg (Discussion) Professional development through a student association Case of the Student Public Relations Association (SPRA) at Univer

Susanne Taylor & Cookie Govender, University of Johannesburg (Discussion) Towards a WIL Partnership Model for HEIs Industry


Jan-Erik Perneman, University West (Research) Cogenerative Learning and Reflective Leadership

Monika Hattinger, University West (Research) Digitizing work – Organizational Work-Integrated Learning through Technology Mediated Courses in Manufacturing Industry


David Devins, Leeds Metroplitan University (Discussion) WBL as an integrated curriculum in Europe

John Brinkman, Liverpool Hope University (Discussion) Workforce Learning In Small To Medium Enterprises

Lisa Ward, University of Huddersfield (Discussion) Challenges of Developing and Sustaining a Research Partnership for Work Integrated Learning


Francine White, LaGuardia Community College (Discussion) Work Integrated Education, Positive Psychology and Prisoner Reentry – A Paradigm Shift

14 – 17 June, 2011

Philadelphia, United States

There is no single proceedings document; separate refereed papers are listed.

Conference Proceedings Refereed Papers

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Carolyn Woodley, Victoria University & Charles Tam, Chinese University of Hong Kong (Discussion Paper) Engaging Industry in the Business Curriculum in Hong

Carolyn Woodley; Leoni Russell; Jeff Faux, Victoria University (Discussion Paper) Encouraging and Maintaining Learning in the Workplace and

Christine Armatas, Victoria University (Discussion Paper) Industry Professional Engagement Program

Greg Reddan, Griffith University (Discussion Paper) Assessing a Work-integrated Learning Course in Exercise Science

Jay Hays & Mike Clements, Swinburne University of Technology (Discussion Paper) Supervision in Work Experience for Learning Programs

Jock Macleod & Susanna Chamberlain, Griffith University (Discussion Paper) Making Arts Work

Judith McNamara & Cath Brown, Queensland University of Technology (Discussion Paper) Capstones Transitions and Professional Identity

Laura Murray & Genevieve Watson, University of Western Sydney (Reseach Paper) Minds at the Edge of Chaos

Louise Dunn, Swinburne University of Technology (Discussion Paper) An Innovative Multidisciplinary Model for Work Placement Assessment

Mike Clements & Jay Hays, Swinburne University of Technology (Discussion Paper) Institution-Wide Focus for Structured Industry Engaged Learning

Sue Marshall & Carolyn Woodley, Victoria University (Research Paper) Managing Industry University Collaborations

Suniti Bandaranaike, James Cook University & J Willison (Research Paper) Engaging Students in Work Integrated Learning Drives and Outcomes


Seeing Cooperative Education: A Study of the Lived Experiences of Cooperative Education Students as Seen and Understood by Co-op Students and Myself

Norah McRae, University of Victoria (Discussion Paper) Cultural Intelligence Developing Students Who Can Act Local and Think Global


Yvonne Hilli, Novia University of Applied Sciences (Research Paper) Preparing Social and Health Care Services for a New Era


Walter Nuninger & Jean-Marie Chatelet, Polytech’Lille IESP (Discussion) Unique Quality WIL Based Model for IVT and CVT


Ratna Lubis, Institut Manajemen Telkom (Research Paper) Work Integrated Learning (WIL) A Promising Experiment in Students’ Entrepreneurial Acvitity


La-Cresha Gordon-Brydson, Dr. Marlene Phillips and Mr. Oneil Josephs, University of Technology Jamaica (Research Paper) Using a Co-operative Education programme to bridge the gap between education and training: The UTech experience


Yasushi Tanaka, Kyoto Sangyo University (Research Paper) An International Comparison of the Effect of Work-Integrated Learning on


Carva Pop, Polytechnic of Namibia & Nicolene Barkhuizen, University of Pretoria (Research Paper) Exploring the Effectiveness of a Work Integrated Learning Pro

Carva Pop, Polytechnic of Namibia & Nicolene Barkhuizen, University of Pretoria (Research Paper) The Need for a Work Integrated

New Zealand

Karsten Zegwaard & Matthew Campbell, University of Waikato (Discussion Paper) Ethics and Values The Need for Student Awareness of


Noi Keng Koh, Nanyang Technological University (Research Paper) The REAL Experience Doe

South Africa

Annadine Vlok, Cape Penninsula University of Technology (Discussion Paper) Service Learning in Reflection

Portia Rakoma, Durban University of Technology (Research Paper) Perceptions of 3rd Year Library and Information Studies students regarding

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