Executive Council Members

Executive Council Members

Dr. Maurits Van Rooijen

Involvement with WACE has spanned more than two decades; hosting events, publications, symposium contributions and servicing on the executive. Currently CEO – Academic of Global University Systems and President of the University of Europe for Applied Sciences, Germany.


Term: 2 years

Dr. Sampan Silapanad

Chairman of Board of Education. Board Member of The Institute for the Promotion of Teaching Science and Technology (IPST). Co-Chairman, World Association for Cooperative & Work-Integrated Education (WACE).

Co-Chair (Industry)

Term: 3 years

Ms. Judie Kay

Consultant Graduate Employability at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), Co founder / Past President Australian Collaborative Education Network (ACEN). A member of WACE since 2000 and currently WACE Vice Chair Programs & Partnerships and Chair of the WACE National Associations Committee.

Term: 3 years

Dr. Nancy Johnston

Past-President of WACE and Adjunct Faculty member of Simon Fraser University’s Faculty of Education. Currently WACE Vice Chair for Charter Initiatives and member of the Transition Team

Term: 1 year (Director)


Dr. Norah McRae

Associate Provost, Cooperative and Experiential Education at the University of Waterloo. A member of WACE since 1998, and current WACE Vice-Chair, Strategic Operations and head of the WACE Secretariat, University of Waterloo, Canada

Term: 3 years

Dr. James R. Stellar

Professor of Behavioural Neuroscience at the University of Albany. A member of WACE for over 30 years and current WACE Vice-Chair Finance and Audit.

Vice-Chair finance and Audit

Term: 1 year (Director)

Ms. Keiko Saito-Miyakawa

Founding President of International Language & Culture Centre Co., Ltd. (ILCC) since 1976 and Founding President of NPO Japan Forum for Work Integrated Learning (NPO WIL, Japan) since 2003. A member of WACE since 1996, Executive Committee member since 2004.

Term: 3 years

Prof. Dr. Wichit Srisa-an

Thailand’s former Minister of Education and the Founding. He was bestowed the title ‘Father of Thai Cooperative Education’ by the Thai Government for his introduction of cooperative education to Thailand. Currently he is the President of the Thai Association for Cooperative Education (TACE).

Term: 3 Years

Dr. Axel Gerloff

Head of International Relations, Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University, Germany. A member of WACE since 2014.

Term: 1 year

Mr. Shakeel Ori

The Southern African Society for Co-operative Education (SASCE) Board Member; WACE Executive Member. Currently, Director of Co-operative Education & External Engagement, Durban University of Technology

Term: 3 years

Dr. Nagi Naganathan

Served as the Dean of Engineering for 15 years and interim President for the 2014-15 year at the University of Toledo. A member of WACE and director of the world board. Currently, President of the Oregon Institute of Technology, USA.

Term: 3 years

Dr. Zorica Pantic

Former President of Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston and the first woman engineer to lead an institute of technology in the U.S. is a member of the WACE Executive Committee.

Term: 1 year

Dr. Karsten Zegwaard

Director of Work-Integrated Learning Research at the University of Waikato, New Zealand, Editor-in-Chief for the International journal of Work-Integrated Learning, board member of the WACE (2017-2020), and the Executive Chair of the WACE International Research Committee.

Term: 3 years

Dr. Patrice Twomey

Director of Co-operative Education and Careers at the University of Limerick. A member of WACE for over 20 years and a member of the Board of Governors for the past ten years. Dr. Twomey has co-authored a chapter recently for the WIL International Handbook.

Term: 3 years

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