(Updated as of December 12, 2018)
“Perceptions of the Challenges of Internships in Undergraduate Business Education” United States
“Rapidly Innovating Program Curricula through Industry Insights” United States
"Give us room to grow": Using Participatory Research to Understand the Experiences of Co-op Students” United States
“No, I’m not the Secretary”: Using Participatory Action Research to Explore Women Engineer’s
Experiences on Co-op”
United States
“Deploying University Strategy Driven by University-Enterprise Linkages: A Case Study of A
Small European Business School”
Czech Republic
“Strengthen SMEs for Economic Growth in Developing Countries” Nigeria
“An investigation of “pedagogy effectiveness” in knowledge integration for workplace learning” South Africa
“How Living Profiles Can Serve as the Bridge between Education and Workplace” United States
“What Can Service-Learning and Community Engagement Contribute to our Understanding of
Cooperative and Work-Integrated Education?”
United States
“A case study of partnerships between the Nelson Mandela University and external stakeholders
enhancing and leading to employability”
South Africa
“Perspectives of Institutional Practitioners’ Epistemology of Experiential Learning Using Q Methodology” Canada
“The Ohio Cyber Range: Using a Virtual Environment to Promote WIL for Technology Students” United States
“Driving innovation and culture change through Graduate Learning & Development” Canada
“De-Centralized Employer Relations for Career Services Centers” United Kingdom
“Career Pathways: An Integrated Approach to Meeting the Needs of Students and Employers” United States