World Conference:

The World Conference is WACE’s largest event, attracting approximately 350-500 delegates (academic, corporate, student, and government) from 20-30 countries.  The World Conference is quite broad in theme and attracts people from many different disciplines, types of institutional establishments, and regions.  Held biennially, the World Conference offers ample Plenary Sessions, including Keynote Presentations and Panel Discussions, typically an Academic, Employer, and Student Panel.  The World Conference also offers many concurrent session options, including paper presentations; refereed paper presentations; workshops; roundtable discussions; panel discussions; and poster sessions.  The refereed paper tract, which was first offered by WACE at the 2009 World Conference held in Vancouver, BC, Canada, requires that the paper be blind-reviewed by two International Reviewers and undergo a rigorous evaluation; there are two types, Research & Discussion Paper.  The refereed paper has now become a WACE World Conference staple, as it allows WACE conference delegates to receive more critical feedback on their work, which then improves the likelihood of the paper being accepted into a major journal (if the author choses to submit the paper).