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BenefitsGlobal PartnerFull Institutional Limited Institutional IndividualNational Association Partner Affiliate
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Profile in WACE Newsletter
WACE Events registration feeFull Discount Partial Discount Partial Discount Partial Discount Discount for Nat. Assoc. members
Profile in WACE Webinar
Virtual Professional Development Seminars Full DiscountPartial DiscountPartial DiscountPartial DiscountDiscount for Nat. Assoc. members
WACE Global Conversation webinars
WACE LinkedIn Group
Profile on WACE Website
Promotion of WIL related events
Nominate organizations or individuals for WACE awards
Apply for research grants
Nomination to Global Strategic Council
Recognition on all publications and website
Professional Development*Partial DiscountPartial DiscountFull Discount
Global WIL Program**Partial DiscountPartial DiscountFull Discount
Global Challenge FeesFull Discount Full Discount

*Items under development

**Global WIL Program (Four National Associations receive the full discount, other WACE members receive a partial discount)