The University of Limerick is an independent, internationally focused university with over 11,600 students and 1,300 staff. It is a young, energetic and enterprising university with a proud record of innovation in education and excellence in research and scholarship. Its cooperative education program is globally connected and one of the largest in Europe. Each year, the Cooperative Education Program works with about 1,500 employers, both in Ireland and internationally, to secure placements for 1,600 undergraduates. Co-op is an essential part of the overall academic fabric of the university.
Limerick was founded by Vikings in the 9th century, making it one of Ireland's oldest cities! On the banks of the mighty River Shannon, Limerick is quirky, vibrant and utterly individual. From its beautiful Georgian architecture, grand museums and eclectic culture, it will win you over with its unique charm. There are few better places to discover Limerick’s cultural heart than the beautifully restored Milk Market on Cornmarket Row. It’s like a microcosm of the city: colorful, fun, energetic, with occasional pop-up restaurant events, artisan foods, antiques, music and art. Wander down the alley of the nearby Fox’s Bow, and you’ll find a curiously quirky collection of craft, leather and jewelry stores, where you can pick up everything from Celtic silver to a blackthorn shillelagh (a traditional walking stick).

Meanwhile, in the medieval heart of the city on King’s Island, you can explore the 800-year-old King John’s Castle. This remains one of the most intact medieval castles in Ireland, and boasts incredible views out over the River Shannon. It was here that the mighty siege of Limerick took place in 1690: pop into any of the castle’s on-site history exhibition and get the full story.