WACE, the University of Limerick and the WACE International Research Community (IRC) are excited to announce the Call for Abstracts for the Fourth International Research Symposium to be held June 6-10, 2020 in Limerick, Ireland. Hosted by Dr. Patrice Twomey, WACE Board of Director, and the University of Limerick, the Symposium will look to feature and showcase ongoing and new research in the CWIE community. Building upon the solid foundation of the previous three International Research Symposia, the Symposium International Advisory Committee seeks abstracts on a broad range of research topics and subjects. The Committee is particularly interested in new and developing CWIE research for both Refereed Research Papers and Academic Posters from established researchers, emerging researchers, and program professionals who wish to explore and more fully develop research topics. The intended audience for the IRS is faculty, academic administrators and program managers and staff who wish to discuss and utilize the latest research and trends.
“CWIE Research: Advancing Quality and Global Impact”
  • Enhancing Quality of CWIE programs and partnerships
  • Promoting Inclusivity of underrepresented populations
  • Increasing Mobility by scaling up international work-integrated experiences, intercultural fluency
  • Measuring the Impact of CWIE Programs on Students, employers, host organizations, society, economy
WACE’s 4th International Research Symposium will focus on
and will feature
* Cooperative & Work Integrated Education (CWIE) is a term created by WACE
to acknowledge and embrace all forms of work-integrated learning.

Please use this link to use the Abstract Submission Form to submit your 250 word abstract:
Refereed Research Paper & Academic Poster Deadlines
September 15, 2019 to February 1, 2020: Abstract Submission Period for Refereed Research Papers
February 15, 2020: Full Refereed Research Papers due for double blind review
April 15, 2020: Double Blind Review ends and authors will receive comments by this date
May 1, 2020: Refereed Research Paper Presenters must register to be included in International Research Symposium Program
June 1, 2020: (Optional) Revised Refereed Research Papers due (based on reviewers’ comments)
September 15, 2019 to April 22, 2020: Abstract Submission Period for Academic Posters
May 1, 2020: Academic Poster presenters must register to be included in the International Research Symposium Program
General Information
  • Description: Refereed Research Papers are those that feature empirical work and may be either Quantitative, Qualitative, or Mixed Methods research.
  • Blind-Review Process: The review of the submitted paper will be conducted through a double blind-review process.
  • Online Conference Proceedings: The accepted papers will be featured in the online Symposium Proceedings, which are housed on the WACE website. The online Symposium Proceedings will contain an assigned ISBN.
    Unlike previous years,
    once a paper has been presented at the symposium, the paper CANNOT be withdrawn from the proceedings.
  • Presentation: Presentations will be scheduled in a 35-minute time slot, with indicatively 25 minutes of presentation and 10 minutes of discussion.
Submission Guidelines
(please note that the guidelines are different from previous years)
  • Research Papers: All Refereed Research Papers should focus on CWIE research.
  • Submission Criteria: If the abstract is accepted, a full paper must be submitted no later than February 15, 2020 for the double blind-review process, in which the paper will be reviewed by a team of international reviewers who will submit completed evaluation forms, which may contain recommendations for improvement (to be conveyed to author(s)), to the WACE Secretariat.
  • Full Refereed Paper Requirements:
    • Papers must have a MINIMUM of 1,500 words and a MAXIMUM of 2,000 words. This word limit includes tables but excludes the reference list and cover page.
    • There should be NO abstract in the proceedings paper.
    • APA format must be used. Please carefully check the reference list for appropriate APA formatting.
    • On the cover page, include the title of the paper and all author names and institutions (the author information will be removed for the double-blind review process).
    • Papers must be sent in Microsoft Word ONLY, PDF versions will not be accepted and will be returned to the submitting author.
Developing a Journal Article from the Conference Proceedings
Authors may want to develop a journal article from the same work presented in the IRS proceedings. The changes to the 2020 IRS Proceedings Guidelines have been purposely made to limit the possibility of too much overlap with a subsequent journal article.

As a general guide for proceedings papers, authors should only present a facet of the data and the analysis rather than all the findings, limit or avoid implications arising from the work (but authors may want to discuss these during the oral presentation), limit the scope of the literature review, and focus more on describing the findings rather than critically discussing the findings. The Proceedings Paper should be a snapshot of what work the authors are currently undertaking. A Journal Article should be the full, comprehensive, and final product of a completed work.

For transparency, the subsequent journal article should include an acknowledgement that “an earlier version of this work was presented in YEAR at the NAME conference”.
General Information
  • Description: All Academic Posters should focus on the International Research Symposium Theme and will present a variety of contributions on different topics, from different countries, and using different theoretical perspectives and methodologies. There will be a designated Academic Poster Session during the International Research Symposium which all delegates will attend.
  • Presentation: Presentations will be scheduled in a one hour time slot, for attendance by all International Research Symposium delegates.
Submission Guidelines
  • Submission Criteria: Each submission must include the following:
    • Title, authors and affiliations (only the first author will be contacted. He/she is responsible for contacting other authors regarding acceptance of the submission).
    • A maximum 250 word abstract detailing the study, the methodology, and the results.
  • Academic Poster Requirements:
    • Upon acceptance, the academic poster should be scientific and contain the following sections: Title, Author(s) and affiliation(s), Abstract, Introduction with Rationale, Methods, Results, Discussion, Implications, and References.
    • The dimensions should be 70 cm (wide) X 100 cm (high).
    • Font size should be 68 – 75 for the title, 40 – 50 for headings, and 22 – 28 for all text, figures, and tables.
    • The presenter(s) should bring paper copies and business cards for distribution.
    • No projector is available in the room.