The WACE International CWIE Student Honor Society was created in 2013 for Global Partners and WACE affiliated national associations. It is designed to be prestigious, highly selective and distinguished by four nominating criteria: (1) outstanding academic performance; (2) successful completion of an international internship or co-op as determined by the nominating institution; (3) a letter of support from the student’s international employer; and (4) a letter of nomination from the student’s university.

The Student Honor Society’s purpose is threefold, as it serves WACE’s three main constituents: Students, Universities, and Employers. The benefits provided to these three constituents are: (1) WACE will provide Students with an international network of other Honor Society Students, which will foster relationships & connections across the Globe for them as they begin their careers. (2) WACE will provide Universities with an opportunity to honor and recognize their outstanding students. (3) WACE will provide Employers on a worldwide basis with an opportunity to readily access these exceptional students.
The intent of these nomination criteria is to provide a consistent set of guidelines for our Global Partners and affiliated National CWIE Associations to nominate students to become a member of the International CWIE Student Honor Society. The criteria are:
  1. Nominations may be made in either January or July of each calendar year
  2. Each Global Partner may nominate six (6) students per year and National Associations may nominate one student (1) per year
  3. Global Partners and National Associations must verify that the each nominee meets the following three (3) criteria:
    1. Outstanding academic record as identified by the student’s academic program and institution
    2. Successful completion of an international CWIE experience
    3. Nomination is supported by the employer
  4. Once the verification of criteria is complete, the nominating Global Partner or national association may submit all nominations in a single Letter of Nomination to WACE
  5. In the Letter of Nomination, the following material needs to be included for each nominee:
    1. A current, professional photo which will be posted on the WACE website (please send the photo as email attachment if submitting the nominations by email)
    2. A current email address (please indicate if student agrees to have this posted on the WACE website)
    3. A brief statement about the nominee (their major, interests, career plans and the value of their international experience, not to exceed 50 words (see sample)
    4. A brief description about their employer, not to exceed 50 words. (see sample)
  6. Letters of Nomination, with the above information, can be mailed or emailed to:
Marty Ford
WACE Director of the Global Partners Program
600 Suffolk Street, Suite 125
Lowell, Massachusetts 01854
Email: marty_ford@uml.edu

MS./MR. ___________ _____________a third year (or junior) student at (name of the university) is majoring in (add major) and plans to pursue a career in (list the career here) upon completion of her/his degree. She/he did a (add length of experience here) co-op/internship with (name the company) in (add the location). While there she/he worked on many interesting and innovative projects as part of her/his co-op experience. She/he felt the overall experience was very beneficial and will greatly support her/him as she/he moves forward with her/his career. (add a direct quote from the student here about the experience)

(name of student here) worked for(name of company) located (include location here). The company is a leading (provide company based information here). They have been an employer with the (name of the university) co-op/internship program for the past (list number of years here) and have employed over (place number of students here)
WACE | 600 Suffolk Street, Wannalancit Business Center, Suite 503 | University of Massachusetts Lowell | Lowell, MA 01854 U.S.A.