1. Starting the week of January 18, all abstracts and full refereed papers will be placed on the WACE website for your convenience in choosing which parallel sessions to attend. 

  2. There will be a few copies of the conference proceedings abstracts available at the conference registration & information table (in addition to them being online).  Please note that the complete abstracts will not be included in everyone's program book.  (Sessions will be listed as they are in the Parallel Session schedule in the program book.)

  3. One notebook computer and a projector with a screen will be available in each parallel session room.

  4. The version of Power Point that is loaded on the notebook computers is MS Office 2003.  Please note that programs have been installed to convert Office 2007 files to 2003.  If you are using Office 2007, please save your files in "97-2003 compatible mode."

  5. Please bring your presentation (with ample time before your session begins) on a USB to the Presenters' Table, which will be located near the conference registration & information table.  A supporting staff member or student assistant will be there to load presentations.

  6. A supporting staff member or student assistant will be present in each parallel session room to assist with any technical questions or issues.

  7. Wireless internet is not available to conference delegates on PolyU campus.  Please be prepared to complete any computer work that needs to be done at your hotel.

  8. There are no printing or copying facilities available to delegates on the PolyU campus, so please be prepared to complete any printing or copying at your hotel, or bring copies of your presentation if you wish to distribute them at your session.

  9. Poster Presenters will be provided an easel which they can use to display their posters.

  10. Please note that there are no parallel sessions scheduled for Friday, February 5.

  11. Please note that each parallel session has been assigned a Session Chair and that this person will be responsible for overseeing your session and will also hand you copies of your Session Assessment Forms at your session's completion.  (The other form copy will be given to WACE for our records.)