1.) Please give your opinion of the Plenary Sessions, citing examples, if possible:
  i.) “A Dialogue with Industry Executives: Assessing the Benefits of CWIE”:
  ii.) Keynote Presentation by Mr. John Brock: “Talent as a Strategic Business Priority”:
  iii.) “Assessment of CWIE: Developing a Corporate Feedback System for Use in Curricular Reform”:
  iv.) “Country Briefs: A Dialogue on the Future of CWIE: Five Country Perspectives’”:
  v.) “Engineering Deans: Engineering the Future of CWIE”
  v.) “Young Yellow Jackets: Georgia Tech Alums Assess their Co-op Experiences”
2.)Please give your opinion about the Overall Schedule of Events?
3.) Please give your opinion of the facility and conveniences presented to you as a symposium delegate:
4.) Please give your opinion of the WACE Secretariat’s assistance before and during the event;

5.) Please provide any specific suggestions relating to cooperative & work-integrated education (CWIE) that you would like discussed at future WACE conferences, symposia, workshops, etc.:

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