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For the summer of 2018, Thomas Mastromonaco, from the University of Victoria, worked at Western Digital (WD) Thailand as an international co-op student. He worked in the Test Equipment Engineering department under the mentorship of Jumlong Kiattivitaya to automate test processes using computer vision. The following article is an account of his experiences as an international co-op student.
The University of Victoria (UVic) has a partnership with the Suranaree University
of Technology (SUT). This internship was made possible through this
partnership with SUT, who welcomed five Canadian students and gave
them a week long orientation in Thai language and culture. SUT was helpful getting these clueless foreigners off and running in Thailand.
Working abroad is an excellent way to grow professionally as an engineer, as well as socially and culturally as a global citizen. Living on the other side of the world where people don’t speak the same language or have the same cultural norms can be lonely and frustrating at times but that is part of the
challenge and the learning process.
Both SUT and WD were welcoming and accommodating, organizing many events to make new friends. Pictured above are some of the
other interns at WD and myself. The co-op program at WD is huge and there were many other students to hang out with. WD Prachin Buri also has gym facilities where I was welcomed into the Crossfit community.
Western Digital was also very accommodating with allowing time to experience Thailand
outside of the office. I took advantage of the opportunity to see the beauty that this country
has to offer. If you are considering incorporating co-op as part of your degree, especially abroad, do yourself a favour and go for it. The experience gained from the workplace and travelling the world are invaluable, and there will never be a better time to do it.
I would like to thank my mentor, Jumlong Kiattivitaya, along with University Recruiter and friend, Monrada Sukprachai, who hired me for this position. And thank you to all my co-workers, fellow interns and friends for showing me what Thailand is all about. Chon! (cheers)
THE BEST OF CO-OP 2019-2020

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