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 Adam Eichen ’19
Climbing the ranks at the company through co-op made him better, Britt says. “I can relate to people at every different level, because I’ve been at every different level.”
Adam Eichen ’19 discovered firsthand how co-op opens doors. It helped him get the attention of recruiters at Lockheed Martin, a company he had applied to without success several times before starting his graduate program at Drexel. Upon graduation, he was quickly hired at Lockheed full-time.
“I definitely felt like I was taken more seriously as a Drexel co-op,” he says. “The name holds weight. I basically tell people if you want a job, go to Drexel.”
Towfique Raj ’06 credits the co-op program with introducing him to the field of genetics that followed the first full sequencing of the human genome in 2003. He co-op’d in a lab at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) doing cutting-edge genetic research on brain disorders and after graduation was awarded the prestigious Gates-Cambridge Scholarship from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. He now runs his own genetics lab at Mount Sinai in New York.
“Because of the co-op program, I was able to start doing research early on in my undergraduate career, when the genomics revolution was just beginning,” he explains. “That’s very unique. My co-op at CHOP gave me an opportunity to interact full-time with undergraduate and PhD students, fellows and medical PhDs, and I had excellent mentors. Just being around them was amazing.”
Ashleigh Jugan ’18 found her true calling through co-op. She worked night and day for the organization Save Vietnam’s Wildlife to protect a critically endangered species few have heard of: the Sunda pangolin. The pangolin is one of the most trafficked mammals in the world for its keratin scales and delicacy-level meat.
“I couldn’t even describe a more ideal job for myself,” she says. “Every day I felt like I was making a difference in the world, helping to ensure the Sunda pangolin did not go extinct. I’ve never worked so hard, nor enjoyed a job as much as I did working there.”
Beyond Co-op
Experiential education manifests itself in many ways at Drexel.
Through the University’s overarching culture of experiential education, students consult with industry professionals on projects that expose them to the world of patents, design, research, engineering and much more, on campus and off. Through in-class consulting opportunities, lab-based research and development, and endowed cultural projects, students create original solutions to corporate and nonprofit challenges.
In the classroom, students are exposed to experiences unique to Drexel, like the Inside-Out program, where students conduct class together with inmates in a local prison. Or Global Classrooms, which
Towfique Raj ’06
Ashleigh Jugan ’18
THE BEST OF CO-OP 2019-2020

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