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College cooperative education is a unique academic program combining classroom studies with professional work experience in a field related to your education and career goals. Co-op gives you a wonderful opportunity to gain professional job experience and, at the same time, earn money to help with expenses while you are in school. Although individual co-op programs described in this 2018-2019 The Best of Co-op: A Guide to the Leading Institutions & Employers vary from college to college, you will most likely begin with an initial period of full-time study, which then will become an integrated program of class time and relevant work experience. As a co-op student you will understand what career choices you might make, gain valuable contacts in your field, and get paid for your work! You’ll graduate with a college degree and an impressive resumé.
An Innovative Partnership
Cooperative education links you, your college, and employers in an exceptional academic partnership. As a student, you will meet with co-op staff to define your work skills and goals and learn about available co-op positions. While most students co-op in jobs near their college or their home, you also have the option of working somewhere completely different. You then apply and interview with employers for potential positions and select among the job offers which you may receive. Throughout your years of co-op, college faculty and staff work with you and your employers to ensure that the work experiences are linked to your courses and career development.
 cooperative education
joins theory and practice and links education and industry through knowledge and experience.
Dean Herman Schneider University of Cincinnati, Founder of Cooperative Education

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