Page 5 - WACE Best of Co-op Guide 2018-19
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 Since 2003,
2,400 Co-op Scholarships have been awarded totaling $56.9 Million
 Dear Guidance Counselor,
I am pleased to share with you this 2018-2019 Resource Guide — The Best of Co-op: A Guide to the Leading Institutions & Employers.
We are also pleased to announce our Seventeenth Annual National Co-op Scholarship Program consisting
of 160 merit co-op scholarships for high school seniors and transfer students who are planning to participate in college cooperative education. Many of these merit co-op scholarships are renewable for four years valued at
$4.2 million. Please see pages 13-15 for scholarship application details.
We hope that you share this Resource Guide with your staff and students. You may also learn more about cooperative education by visiting our homepage at or any of the other college or employer websites identified throughout this publication.
Dr. Paul J. Stonely WACE, CEO

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