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                  EMPLOYER SPONSORS
        Precision Castparts Corp.
PCC is a worldwide manufacturer of complex metal components and products for critical industrial and aerospace applications. We bring a high degree of technical expertise and technology to our products, while providing outstanding management of complex manufacturing processes. The result is a responsive company that leads the industry in the markets we serve.
160+ Locations in 30 States / 14 Countries • Co-op and Career Development Programs
       "I have worked for PCC in multiple co-op rotations since 2016. My first experience with the company was at the PCC Wyman-Gordon facility in Grafton, MA. In that role, I was given significant responsibility in scheduling operators, managing the flow of products, and coordinating with other processes within the back-end production area. My second co-op role was within the PCC Engineered Products division at the Avibank facility in Burbank, CA. I worked with the Ball-Lok product line team to restructure daily product scheduling and expediting. My time with PCC was beyond compare; I was challenged and given opportunities to make a real impact. Upon graduation, I will be starting full-time within PCC’s Management Development Program."
CO-OP OPPORTUNITIES Manufacturing Operations
Materials Engineering
Facilities Engineering Design
Co-op Spotlight Ann (Lissa) Brautigam

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