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                    Strategic Global Communication
Since 1976, we at ILCC have provided solutions for the communication needs of foreign clients doing business in Japan.
With almost forty years of experience, insight, skill and strategy,
we are ideally positioned to help you communicate
effectively in an ever-evolving global business environment.
Delivering the best solution...
Our specialists provide individually-tailored consulting services for public
relation and public affairs.
Bilingual staff
We arrange the temporary placement or introduction of bilingual human resources.
   Manegement of
Translation Services
We deliver high quality translations, providing timely and attentive service.
Interpretation Services
Our interpreters are communication professionals who possess a wealth of experience and specialist knowledge.
International conference
Our experienced and highly efficient bilingual staff performs the many tasks required to organize a successful conference or event.
ILCC is a company based in Tokyo supporting WACE JAPAN OFFICE and NPO WIL for the global advancement of CWIE. ILCC Co., Ltd. 13-5, Samoncho, Shinjyuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0017 Japan

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