Page 4 - WACE Best of Co-op Guide 2018-19
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 Dear Student,
No one knows more than you how challenging the next several months will be. You have many important decisions to make — what college is right for you, what program
of study will you pursue, which colleges can you afford, and, ultimately, which career path will you pursue upon graduation.
We believe that cooperative education could be a key factor in helping you make these important decisions. To assist you in your selection of the right college for your future, we are pleased to share with you this 2018-2019 Resource Guide — The Best of Co-op: A Guide to the Leading Institutions & Employers.
Also, we are pleased to offer you the opportunity to apply for a merit co-op scholarship. Many of these merit co-op scholarships are renewable for four years valued at
$4.2 Million. Please see pages 13-15 for scholarship application details.
We hope that this information will assist you in choosing your college. You may also learn more about cooperative education by visiting our homepage at or any of the other college or employer websites identified throughout this Resource Guide.
We wish you every success in making the right college choice.
Dr. Paul J. Stonely WACE, CEO

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