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              SUNY OSWEGO OFFERS
transformative learning experiences, empowering our students to build
a better world
Study Abroad and Research
• International work and study abroad opportunities
• International community-based research
• Creative entrepreneurial innovations
• Research and field study: scholarly experiments and • creative activities
Work-Integrated Education
• Co-op: full-time, paid work relevant to a major
• Internship: academic credit; and/or paid
• Work study: Part-time work convenient to class
• Clinically-rich practicum and residency placements
Civic Engagement and Service
• Impactful service learning opportunities • in our local school districts:
• Leighton Learning Community partnership, • Mentor-Scholar, Mentor Oswego,
• Student-led volunteer and community service activities:
• Adopt-A-Grandparent, Habitat for Humanity, Alternative Break,
• Leadership and civic engagement in our local communities: • “Launch It”, Vote Oswego, Oz Leads,
• ...and more!
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Co-op / Internship
    Service Learning
   Community Service
   Study Abroad

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