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    General Description of Institution
Clarkson University is a nationally ranked research university. We are the institution of choice for more than 4,300 enterprising, high-ability undergraduate and graduate students pursuing degrees in 50+ rigorous academic programs of study. Our faculty are on the leading edge of research of international relevance. Across the institution and its campus locations across New York, faculty and students develop close, mentoring relationships and make lifelong connections that guide career success.
Key Institutional Contact(s)
Career Center
Margo Jenkins, Director
Undergraduate Admissions
Brian Grant, Vice President for Enrollment & Student Advancement
General Description of Co-op Programs
What do employers value today? At Clarkson, we believe it’s hands-on experience. That’s why we require all of our undergraduate students to complete a professional experience before they graduate.
Top Employers
The staff at Clarkson’s award-winning Career Center assists students in finding semester-long and summer professional opportunities at top U.S. and international companies. Students have had co-ops at leading companies, nonprofits and government organizations as diverse as:
             Norsk Titanium BorgWarner
Bose Corp. Johnson & Johnson General Electric
LC Drives
Husky Injection Molding Raymond Corporation Global Tungsten & Powders Moog
UTC Aerospace Systems National Grid
Iberdrola USA
Global Foundries
BAE Systems
Target Apple
Our emphasis on professional experience is one reason our graduates experience accelerated career success. It is also why Clarkson’s placement rates are consistently among the nation’s highest.
International Work & Study Opportunities for Students
Clarkson has over 50 international study and research exchange program partnerships. Students can study and/or conduct research in 31 different countries. All credits earned directly apply to a student’s program of study.
Students can also continue their stay abroad to complete their professional experience by arranging their international work assignments and co-ops in concert with their study abroad plans. For this, they often use the host institution’s co-op or research programs for placement.
  “Over the last three years, I’ve had an internship at General Electric in Connecticut, a seven-month co-op at Johnson & Johnson in New Jersey, and I participated in a faculty-led summer program in Italy. From all of these opportunities, I can confidently say that Clarkson has prepared me for the real world. The dedication and support from the Clarkson community has made me a great leader who will embrace change in the real world.”
Joshua Fogarty

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