Corporate Sponsors Program
What is the Corporate Sponsors Program (CSP)?
The CSP is designed to assist corporations in connecting with like-minded employers and educational institutions that support and participate in cooperative education/internships/work-integrated education (CWIE) programs. It provides a framework for all parties to strategically work together in developing a global workforce. Employers have the benefit of being actively involved in the larger WACE community that includes over 935 educational institutions and industries in 52 countries. The current list of participants can be found on the WACE/CSP webpage:
Why should we participate in the CSP?
Corporations participating in the program send a clear message that they believe in and support a globally aware, educated labor force prepared to immediately add to the productivity of their organizations. Being connected to global educational institutions and industries is critical to successfully developing the competent work force for the world marketplace.
Who should participate in the CSP?

Ideally, participating corporations:

  • Support at a high level the use of cooperative education and internships in their business
  • Embrace the long term benefits of experiential education
  • Value the visibility and networking provided by WACE, and
  • Acknowledge the importance of promoting cooperative education and internships as an integral part of a human capital plan.
What would we be supporting through the CSP?

The program is designed to support, expand, and strengthen the following WACE activities:

  • The $4.9 Million Annual Scholarship Program (which to date has awarded $35 million to 1,475 students)
  • The Student Achievement Award Program which formally recognizes graduating co-op students/interns with international work experience
  • The Hall of Fame Program, honoring distinguished co-op/intern alumni from partner institutions, and
  • The International Student Exchange Program which provides additional opportunities for students seeking global experience.
  • The initiation and administering of a WACE International CWIE Student Honor Society, noting the achievement of outstanding students from partnering institutions.
What do we receive in branding and marketing benefits?

CSP members are able to:

  • Obtain direct visibility with the WACE network that represents over 12 million students
  • Receive prime exposure on the WACE website which receives over 2 million hits a year (
  • Have access to premium advertising space in the WACE publication, The Best of Co-op: A Guide to the Leading Colleges & Employers, distributed annually to over 24,000 private and public high schools, and
  • Be recognized as a corporate sponsor at all WACE events and programs.
What will it cost us to participate in the CSP?
CSP members contribute $5,000 per year in support
How do we join the program?
Please contact Mr. Tom Akins, WACE Director of the Corporate Sponsors Program, at
WACE | 600 Suffolk Street, Wannalancit Business Center, Suite 503 | University of Massachusetts Lowell | Lowell, MA 01854 U.S.A.