Class of 1988, 1996, 2012
Charles Sturt University
Bachelor of Arts (Social Welfare), Bachelor of Social Work, Master of Child and Adolescent Welfare
  Class of 1995
Drexel University
BS, Information Systems, College of Computing and Informatics
  Class of 1993
Johnson & Wales University Associate in Science, Culinary Arts
  Class of 1990
University of Manitoba Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering
  Class of 1983, 1985, 1988
Wentworth Institute of Technology
Building Construction Technology ’83, Civil Engineering Technology ’85, Civil Engineering ’88
  Class of 2006
Vaal University of Technology
Master of Commerce, Business Management
Professor Andrew Vann, Vice-Chancellor and President
Charles Sturt University
President John Fry
Drexel University
Chancellor John Bowen Johnson & Wales University
Ms. Carolyn Geddert, Director of Co-op/IIP (Engineering)
University of Manitoba
Dr. Zorica Pantić, President Wentworth Institute of Technology
Prof IN Moutlana,
Vice-Chancellor & Principal Vaal University of Technology
  As a workplace learning (WPL) supervisor Therese inspired many social work students to become capable and caring professionals. Her students and colleagues regarded her as an outstanding WPL supervisor. Following her masters degree she became CSU’s Social Work WPL program coordinator. She has promoted quality WPL in rural and urban areas and developed a strong network of senior practitioners from regional and remote areas who mentor WPL supervisors and assess students. She has developed quality support and training systems for WPL colleagues. Many people (students, staff, clients) have benefited greatly from her leadership, support and commitment to excellence in WPL.   Mr. Kaganovsky is the Global Applications Director for GroupM, a leading global media investment management operation. He also serves on the company’s Global IT Executive Committee and the Global Technology Strategy Board. His responsibilities include managing 50 personnel around the world and leading the creation and enforcement of global application development standards for a variety of platforms. His co-ops provided real world IT experience that prepared him to enter the industry. He completed a co-op at the General Services Administration where he worked on IT projects and two co-ops at U.S. Healthcare (now Aetna) where he worked in IT on the help desk and as a support associate. He also had the opportunity to build servers and set-up basic infrastructure in new offices.   When Scott Leibfried graduated from JWU he found that traveling and working in restaurants was the best way to truly master his craft and learn about restaurant culture. For 10 seasons he had a recurring role as sous chef alongside Chef Gordon Ramsey on Fox TV’s “Hell’s Kitchen”. He was also the lead chef advisor for the “Kitchen Nightmares” series. In 2009, Scott partnered with the Santa Monica Seafood Company to launch the tremendously popular seafood café and oyster bar within the newly renovated Santa Monica Seafood retail store. The following year, Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac tapped Scott to create Fleetwood’s, a restaurant and entertainment venue in Maui, Hawaii. Currently, Scott is owner of ReViVer in New York City.   Shane Mailey is the Vice-President of Transmission at Manitoba Hydro. He received his B.Sc. (Civil Engineering) in 1990. Shane was part of the first cohort of Co-op students at the U of M’s Faculty of Engineering completing his work terms at Centra Gas. Since that first placement Shane has been a passionate supporter of Co-op. Upon graduation he entered the Engineer In Training (EIT) Program at Manitoba Hydro. Prior to his appointment to VP he worked in areas including design, construction management, contract administration, project management, operations and maintenance. He is also the Corporate Engineer for Manitoba Hydro. Shane is active in the EIT program, and sits on the following boards; the Friends of Engineering, Teshmont Consultants, Midwest Reliability Organization, and CIGRE Canada. He earned the designation of Fellow from Engineers Canada in 2011.   As the director of construction within the Boston Water and Sewer Commission, Irene McSweeney leads a team that helps ensure the delivery of highquality potable water and collection of sanitary flow to Deer Island for treatment. Her major separation projects include work on the Reserved Channel, Massachusetts Avenue in Roxbury and Dorchester, Dudley Square, South Boston, and East Boston. McSweeney was also proficient as a Wentworth student, completing an unofficial co-op her freshman year with Sydney Construction before serving official co-ops with Allen and Demurjian, a civil engineering firm in Boston that also offered her a full-time job upon graduation. Since starting at the Commission in 1991, McSweeney’s Construction Division has employed an average of six to nine co-ops per year— totaling 175 students as of spring 2015.   Mrs Annie Moletsane, Director Co-operative Education in Vaal University of Technology from 2012 to date. She has 20 years of service in VUT of which 17 years was spend in Co-operative Education Department holding different portfolios. In 2005 she served as an advisor for Student Association for Commercial Accounting (SACOMA). In 2006 Chairperson of Local Education and Training Unit (LETU). From 2006 to 2007 she was Deputy Chairperson of School Governing Body (General Smuts High School). She is currently a Chair of the Christian Women’s League: Evaton Presbytery serving 9 Churches. She is a member of different forums in Vaal University of Technology. She has presented various papers at Local and International Conferences. She serves as Secretariat of SASCE (South African Society for Co-operative Education). In 2015 she was elected to serve on the SASCE Board of Directors. In 2015 she has also joined the WACE (World Assocation for Co-operative Education) Board of Directors. Also in 2015 she has been appointed as Additional Member to serve on the Council of Sedibeng Technical and Vocational Education and Training College in terms of section 10(6) by Dr BE Nzimande (Minister of Higher Education and Training). She is currently holding a Master of Commerce: Business Management and pursuing her PhD in Marketing and Business Management.