Sergio H. Sanchez
Class of 2009, 2010
University of Massachusetts Lowell
BS, MS, Plastics Engineering


Kevin Sbraga
Class of 2003
Johnson & Wales University
BS, Culinary Arts


David L. Schlotterbeck
Class of 1970
Kettering University
BS, Electrical Engineering


Edward J. Sullivan IV
Class of 1990
Drexel University
BS, Electrical Engineering


Kevin James Surace
Class of 1985
Rochester Institute of
BS, Electrical Engineering Technology


Dale Whitford
Class of 1951
University of Cincinnati


Nominated by
Mr. Martin Meehan
Chancellor, University of
Massachusetts Lowell

Mr. Sanchez participated in two exceptional co-op opportunities: the first at NxStage Medical, Inc. and then at the Boeing Company. At NxStage, Mr. Sanchez was a member of the Manufacturing Engineering and Disposables groups and worked alongside engineers on the improvement and validation processes of medical devices. During the summers of 2008 and 2009, Mr. Sanchez joined the Thermoplastics Group at Boeing in Seattle, WA and assisted the payloads team in materials testing and processing support.

Mr. Sanchez credits his co-op experience with giving him the competitive edge in landing full-time employment at the Boeing Company where he is currently employed as a Plastics Engineer with Boeing Research and Technology. His specific engineering work in aircraft interiors includes 737/747/777/787 program support, product development and materials characterization as well as failure analysis of composite/thermoplastic materials, parts, and processes.


Nominated by
Dr. John Bowen
President of Johnson &
Wales University

Becoming a semi-finalist at the Bocuse d”Or USA put Kevin in the direction of becoming Bravo TV’s “Top Chef”. He specializes in French cuisine and has studied culinary arts since high school. He has worked in many aspects of the industry, including menu development, restaurant re-conceptualization and culinary development. “My love of cooking came from listening to my parents about the importance of quality ingredients, customer service and following my passion”.”I was relentless in pursuing my education at JWU North Miami and working at the Ritz-Carlton in Naples, a two-hour trek from school. The commute proved to be well worth my time.”


Nominated by
Dr. Robert McMahan Jr.
President of Kettering University

David L. Schlotterbeck ’70 is recently retired as chairman and CEO of CareFusion, the fifth largest medical technology company in the world. He previously served as vice chairman of Cardinal Health and CEO for Clinical and Medical Products, a medical technology segment of Cardinal Health which he built during his tenure. The shareholders felt the total valuation of both entities would increase if they were separated from each other. He joined Cardinal through the acquisition of his prior company, Alaris Medical Systems. During this series of events, Dave created $11bb of shareholder value. He began his career at GM’s Frigidaire. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from GMI/Kettering and a master’s from Purdue University.


Nominated by
Mr. John A. Fry
President of Drexel University

Mr. Sullivan is Chairman and founder of Aria Systems, a market leader in on-demand billing and customer lifecycle with over 1 million customers in 236 countries. Mr. Sullivan’s entrepreneurial spirit and innovative ideas led him to build several successful companies. Prior to Aria, he was the founder and President of, a virtual internet service provider that provided billing and Internet services to companies including American Express, Compaq, Gateway, Amway and IBM. Mr. Sullivan is a Director at the AHA Foundation, a NYC based non-profit focused on helping women in the west against religious persecution and is an investor and on the board of G2Link and NanoGrass Solar, a Drexel incubated startup.


Nominated by
Dr. William W. Destler
President of Rochester Institute of Technology

Mr. Surace earned a BS in Electrical Engineering Technology with High Honors in 1985. His minor was music and he continued to stay in touch with Ed Schell, a faculty member in Liberal Arts. He has participated as an RIT admissions volunteer and attended numerous San Francisco area alumni events. Since 1999 he has actively participated in events including a presidential reception in 2000, presidential briefing in 2002, presidential reception in 2003, Strategic Plan meeting in 2004, and an Affinity Legacy Luncheon in 2007. In July 2002 he and his wife (then fiancée) Marita visited campus and had a tour of the College of Liberal Arts and the new GCCIS Building. In 2005, he was inducted into the NCCE Co-op Hall of Fame. He joined the President’s Roundtable in 2007 and hosted a group luncheon in San Jose for Dr. Destler. Named to the Board of Trustees in July 2008, he participated in the trustees California meeting.


Nominated by
Dr. Gregory H. Williams
President of University of Cincinnati

University of Cincinnati alumnus Dale Whitford knew at an early age he wanted to work in aeronautics. His early ambition led him to UC’s College of Engineering, where his student co-op experience at Dayton, Ohio’s Wright-Patterson Air Force Base launched a 41-year career in aeronautics. Whitford co-founded the University of Dayton Research Institute and worked on a variety of high-profile aircraft projects, including research of the Wright brothers that led to the design of the Wright “B” Flyer replica. Whitford authored the book Unlocking the Gateway to Flight: The Keys to the Success of the Wright Brothers. He is a member of the Western Ohio Radio Kontrol Society (WORKS) and created an educational program that has taught over 500 young people the principles of flight.