Applying for a visa

Participants may be required to obtain a short-term visa for their stay in Japan.

The procedure for obtaining a visa differs depending on country and area of origin. Please consult the Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan for further information.

Airport to KIT

Direct travel to the conference venue at KIT depends on the airport of arrival.

The following diagram shows how to get to KIT from the main airports via Kanazawa Station.

Travel - main airports to KIT

Public transportation timetables

Airport Limousine・Hokutetsu Local Bus 

JR Line

Keikyu Line

Transportation to sightseeing spots in Ishikawa Prefecture

Buses departing from Kanazawa Station are recommended for travelling to areas around Ishikawa Prefecture. For local sightseeing locations, the Kanazawa loop bus and Kanazawa light-up bus services provided by the Hokuriku Railroad Co. are most convenient.

Kanazawa Loop BusKanazawa Light-up Bus

Kanazawa City Tourism Association