WACE Virtual World Conference • May 11-13, 2021

Navigating New Horizons

Evolving conference program

More details will be available early in 2021.

Conference participants will be able to access:

  • Presentations from across the globe over three days
  • Sessions across multiple time zones
  • Opportunities for networking and informal connections
  • Recordings of sessions after the conference

Confirmed presentations include:

  • A quality development strategy to examine graduation rate of students
  • Students’ Perceptions of the Transition to Remote Work-Integrated Learning Experiences
  • Digital Centres Promoting Technology Inclusion for Improved Women Employability
  • Enhancing Student Employability through industry-engaged programs: Scoping the viability of a Pracademic Experience Pilot Program (PEPP).
  • The potential of a simulated workplace environment for emergency remote teaching
  • Virtual WIL clinics in medicine: Overcoming the COVID-19 challenge
  • Responding to COVID-19: Enriching students’ responsible leadership through an online work-integrated learning project
  • Conventional, remote, virtual and simulated work-integrated learning: A meta-analysis of existing practice
  • Preparing students for workplace learning: Short films, narrative pedagogy, and community arts to teach agency
  • Becoming a part while apart: Building professional identity and membership when working and learning remotely
  • A COVID-19 work-integrated learning strategy for entrepreneurial mindset reflections: Case study in Mexico
  • Connecting work-integrated learning and career development in virtual environments: An analysis of the UVic Leading Edge
  • Preparing for work-integrated learning during COVID-19: How a new virtual orientation tool facilitated access for all
  • A framework to assure the institutional quality of work integrated learning
  • The development of a framework for promoting students’ Evidence-Based Practice capabilities during clinical placements
  • Role of Communication in advancing CWIE partnerships  and quality of next generation global professionals
  • Measuring the impact of workplace learning on graduate employability
  • Student and Employer Perceptions of their Engagement with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) During International Internships
  • Understanding work-integrated learning as a ‘risky’ activity
  • Personal branding strategies to secure industrial placement:  the pink chameleon
  • An assessment of work-integrated learning as pedagogy in practice through the impact thereof on student development and employability
  • Progression in a Work-Integrated Learning Program, Work-Readiness, and Job Offers: Evidence from a Large Cross-Sectional Study of Employers
  • The role of work-integrated learning in the development of entrepreneurs