2014 Symposium

List of refereed papers by country


Sue Bandaranaike, James Cook University & Anushka Kimmerly, , Flinders University “Building career pathways in the allied health industry: a practical framework”

Angela Dressler, Victoria University “Graduates Building Bridges to Employment: Planned and Unplanned Career Destinations after a Recreation Management Internship”

Sue Elston, The University of Melbourne “Can Employability Be Usefully Measured?”

Sonia Ferns, Curtin University & Calvin Smith, Griffith University &Leoni Russell, RMIT “Complex Problem Complex Research Design; Researching the Impact of WIL on Employability”

Robyn Muldoon, John Evans & Alicia Zikan, University of New England “Preparing University Students for Employment through Extra-Curricular Development”

Lyn Torres & S. Yates Monash University & Suniti Bandaranaike, James Cook University “What skills do I have? What skills will I need?: – Building an employability skills profile through an online reflective learning program”

Wayne Fallon, University of Western Sydney, Carol-joy Patrick & Patricia Cretchley Griffith University . Judie Kay & Leoni Russell, RMIT University, Malcolm Campbell, Deakin University, Ian Devenish & Justine Lawson, Central Queensland University, Freny Tayebjee, University of Western Sydney “Developing WIL leadership capacities and competencies: A distributed approach”


Norah McRae, University of Victoria “Exploring Conditions for Transformative Learning in Work-Integrated Education”

Stephanie Rosse, MacEwan University & Nancy Browne “Developing the Field of Work Integrated Learning (WIL) in Higher Education: A Scoping Study and Curriculum Inquiry”


Ditmar Hilpert, ESB Reutlingen – Business School “Determinants Influencing the Success of Internships (Practicum)”


Yasushi Tanaka, Kyoto Sangyo University “Statistical Methods for Assessment of Cooperative and Work-Integrated Education”


Nor Idayu Mahat, Hartini Ahmad Universiti Utara Malaysia & Johari Jalil, Shell “Train-the-Trainers: Why We Are so Focused”


Karsten Zegwaard, University of Waikato & Matthew Campbell, Griffith University “Change in Students’ Perceptions of Professional Ethics after Work Placement Experience”

Patricia Lucas, Auckland University of Technology & Bernadette Walker-Gibbs, Chris Hickey, Deakin University “Enhancing work-place based learning using Reflective Journals”

Jenny Fleming, Auckland University of Technology & Chris Hickey, Deakin University “Influences on Student Learning: ‘It Was the People Around Me, the People Met’”


Karen Dos Reis, Cape Peninsula University of Technology “Utilizing Service Learning as a Tool to Mentor Accounting Pre-Service Teachers”


Ulla Andrän & Britt Hedman Ahlstrõm University West “A Student’s Trajectory through a New Education into the Labor Market: a Journey between Hope and Despair”

Liisa Uusimaki & Friedrich Heger University of Gothenburg “Teacher Readiness: A case of Swedish Secondary Teachers”

Ingemar Johansson & . Thomas Winman University West “Theory, Practice and Synthesized Knowledge: A Student’s Learning and Reflections During Internship-Periods”

Lars Svensson & Bengt Kjellän University West “Work-Integrated Learning in the Classroom”

Sandra Pennbrant, Elisabeth Dahlborg Lyckhage & Maria Skyvell Nilsson University West & Bosse Jonsson, Mälardalen University “Mastering the Professional Role: A Theoretical Model Assisting Nursing Students for Their Profession”


Guntima Sirijeerachai & Narumol Ruksasuk, Suranaree University of Technology “Current and future trends in cooperative education research in Thailand”


Lisa Ward, Tina McAdie, Alison Bravington & Nigel King University of Huddersfield “From Unskilled to Employable: Using a Qualitative Examination of the Placement Timeline Research Method to Explore Student Professional and Personal Development Whilst on Multiple Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) Experiences”

Sarah Flynn & Judith Baines University of Hertfordshire “Life after University: What Does the Landscape Look Like for Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Graduates, and How Can CWIE Help?”

Helen Corkill, University of Bedfordshire & Ruth Helyer, Teesside University “Flipping the Academy?: How the Recognition of Experiential Learning is Turning the University Inside Out”

David Devins, Leeds Metropolitan University “Towards the Sustainability of Work-Integrated Learning Curriculum in Europe”


Philip Gardner, Michigan State University “The Role of Social Network Ties and Relationships During the Internship Assignment: Shaping Social Integration, Task Mastery and Satisfaction”

N. John DiNardo & Peter Franks Drexel University “Drexel’s Research Co-Op Program – Programmatic Structure and Learning Outcomes”

James Stellar, Queens College (CUNY) & Paul Forestell, Long Island University “Case Study of Efforts at Two Institutions to Expand Work Integrated Learning to Emphasize Service-Learning and Civic Engagement”

Joseph Hawk & Stephanie Sullivan Drexel University “Using Co-op Evaluation Data for University and Program Learning Assessment”

Donald McEachron & Karen Nulton Drexel University “Using Reflective Analysis to Integrate Co-operative Education into Academic Curricula”

Joy Watson & Cheryl Cates University of Cincinnati “Creating Sustainable Cooperative Education Programs”