17th WACE World Conference 2011 - Philadelphia, US

2011 World Conference

The Conference was held 14 – 17 June, 2011, Philadelphia, USA

Conference Proceedings Refereed Papers

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Carolyn Woodley, Victoria University & Charles Tam, Chinese University of Hong Kong (Discussion Paper) Engaging Industry in the Business Curriculum in Hong

Carolyn Woodley; Leoni Russell; Jeff Faux, Victoria University (Discussion Paper) Encouraging and Maintaining Learning in the Workplace and

Christine Armatas, Victoria University (Discussion Paper) Industry Professional Engagement Program

Greg Reddan, Griffith University (Discussion Paper) Assessing a Work-integrated Learning Course in Exercise Science

Jay Hays & Mike Clements, Swinburne University of Technology (Discussion Paper) Supervision in Work Experience for Learning Programs

Jock Macleod & Susanna Chamberlain, Griffith University (Discussion Paper) Making Arts Work

Judith McNamara & Cath Brown, Queensland University of Technology (Discussion Paper) Capstones Transitions and Professional Identity

Laura Murray & Genevieve Watson, University of Western Sydney (Reseach Paper) Minds at the Edge of Chaos

Louise Dunn, Swinburne University of Technology (Discussion Paper) An Innovative Multidisciplinary Model for Work Placement Assessment

Mike Clements & Jay Hays, Swinburne University of Technology (Discussion Paper) Institution-Wide Focus for Structured Industry Engaged Learning

Sue Marshall & Carolyn Woodley, Victoria University (Research Paper) Managing Industry University Collaborations

Suniti Bandaranaike, James Cook University & J Willison (Research Paper) Engaging Students in Work Integrated Learning Drives and Outcomes


Seeing Cooperative Education: A Study of the Lived Experiences of Cooperative Education Students as Seen and Understood by Co-op Students and Myself

Norah McRae, University of Victoria (Discussion Paper) Cultural Intelligence Developing Students Who Can Act Local and Think Global


Yvonne Hilli, Novia University of Applied Sciences (Research Paper) Preparing Social and Health Care Services for a New Era


Walter Nuninger & Jean-Marie Chatelet, Polytech’Lille IESP (Discussion) Unique Quality WIL Based Model for IVT and CVT


Ratna Lubis, Institut Manajemen Telkom (Research Paper) Work Integrated Learning (WIL) A Promising Experiment in Students’ Entrepreneurial Acvitity


La-Cresha Gordon-Brydson, Dr. Marlene Phillips and Mr. Oneil Josephs, University of Technology Jamaica (Research Paper) Using a Co-operative Education programme to bridge the gap between education and training: The UTech experience


Yasushi Tanaka, Kyoto Sangyo University (Research Paper) An International Comparison of the Effect of Work-Integrated Learning on


Carva Pop, Polytechnic of Namibia & Nicolene Barkhuizen, University of Pretoria (Research Paper) Exploring the Effectiveness of a Work Integrated Learning Pro

Carva Pop, Polytechnic of Namibia & Nicolene Barkhuizen, University of Pretoria (Research Paper) The Need for a Work Integrated

New Zealand

Karsten Zegwaard & Matthew Campbell, University of Waikato (Discussion Paper) Ethics and Values The Need for Student Awareness of


Noi Keng Koh, Nanyang Technological University (Research Paper) The REAL Experience Doe

South Africa

Annadine Vlok, Cape Penninsula University of Technology (Discussion Paper) Service Learning in Reflection

Portia Rakoma, Durban University of Technology (Research Paper) Perceptions of 3rd Year Library and Information Studies students regarding