ACCEPTED ABSTRACTS (Updated March 1, 2017)
  “The influence of work placements on the career planning of Business undergraduates” Australia
  “Work-integrated Learning for Digital Economy: A Systematic Literature Review” Thailand
  “Developing Strategy to Enhance the Performance of Dual Vocational Education for the Northeast Region in Thailand” Thailand
  “What schools can do to raise funds and equip learners with entrepreneurship skills” South Africa
  “Intended learning and action; how to bridge the gap within honours talent development” Netherlands
  “Making social mobility a reality? Graduate perspectives on student placements” United Kingdom
  “International Students Work Integrated Learning Experience: Lessons Learnt from a UoT in South Africa” South Africa
  “Making meaningful contributions to community development through a Service-Learning project and other modalities of Work Integrated Learning (WIL)” South Africa
  “Dimensions of Learner Autonomy in Work Integrated Learning: Challenges for the 21st Century” Australia
  “Current Work Integrated Learning Practice in South African Technical and Vocational Education and Training Colleges: A concern for student employability” South Africa
  “A scholarship of engagement in higher education to address poverty” South Africa
  “A Survey of Career Development for Thai Undergraduate Students: A Case Study of Public and Public Autonomous Universities” Thailand
  “The potential of a kaizen-based training to enhance employability of graduates from a university of technology in South Africa” South Africa
  “How it works: The study of perception on Co-operative Education work-based project” Thailand
  “The Study of Reflective Thinking: A Case study of Suranaree University of Technology” Thailand
  “The challenge of Pre and Post Placement adjustments to Work Skills in a Mexican context” Canada
  “The Significance of Work Integrated Learning in Enhancing Employability: Perceptions of Namibian English Graduates” Namibia
  “Student and graduate perspectives on the impact of support for learners by facilitators of Work Integrated Learning (WIL). A case study of Durban University of Technology (DUT)” South Africa
  “Career Direction or Re-direction - The Impact of WIL on Exercise & Sports Science Students” Australia
  “Assessing Namibia Graduates’ Competencies: A Second-Order Factor Analysis” South Africa
  “An exploration of quantitative data on gender effect in work-integrated learning competencies” South Africa
  “Presentation of preliminary research findings about host organisations perspective of fundamental work skills and personal values in a cross-disciplinary setting” Australia
  “Creating Strategies for Competitive Advantages of Cooperative Education Teachers: A Case Study of Higher Buddhist Education in Thailand” Thailand
  “Parameters of a “Good” Professional Experience: Employer Perspective” Canada
  “Lifelong Learning Levels in Co-op and Non Co-op Students: Findings from a Preliminary Study on Rangsit University in Thailand” Thailand
  “Reflections of the use of technology in the management of Work Integrated Learning (WIL) at a South African University of Technology (UoT” South Africa
  “Labour Market Needs and Graduate Competence: An Examine of the Gap between Employer Expectations and New Engineering Graduate Performance in Thailand” Thailand
  “Workplace Development to Cooperative Education Partnership: Key Success Factors of Cooperative Education Management at Walailak University in the Case Study of Somboon Advance Technology Public Company Limited” Thailand
  “Evaluation on the Coop Students' Achievement by the 5 dimensions of Thai Qualifications Framework for Higher Education” Thailand
  “Career Education at the University of Cincinnati” United States
  “Assessment Model: A Case Study of Chemical Engineering Work Integrated Learning at Durban University of Technology” South Africa
  “Innovative Training for Work Integrated Learning in Electrical Engineering: Opportunities and Challenges” South Africa
  “Shades of Gray- Ethical Dilemmas Work-Integrated Learning Practitioners Encounter” Canada
  “Co-creating open access pre-departure curriculum with community-based service learning partners” Australia
  “Contemporary Impact of New UoTs Curricula on Industry’s needs, a case study of Durban University of Technology (DUT) in South Africa” South Africa
  “Strengthening the graduates’ employability through incorporating Career Development Learning into academic training” Vietnam
  “Challenges of the New Work Order: a work skills development approach” Australia
  “A flipped WIL model for IT postgraduate students: Bringing industry into the University” Australia
  “The uncertainty of the Work-Integrated learning process based on the Theory for Motivated Information Management” South Africa
  “The risky business of Work Integrated Learning”  Australia
  “OMIC (Ohio Means Internships and Co-ops) Grant Experience and the Impact of 4 years of state funded advancements in Experiential Learning” United States
  “Exploring the efficacy of blogging as a reflective tool: A case study of workplace based learning at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology” South Africa
  “Future proofing our students through the capacity to critically reflect” New Zealand
  “Assessing Multiple Dimensions of an Internship/Co-op Experience” United States
  “The Let's Discover Culture Activities in WD-CWIE program; Case study @ Western Digital Thailand” Thailand
  “Work Integrated Learning (WIL) curriculum dimensions for quality outcomes and enhanced employability” Australia
  "Study Camp: Volunteer Teaching Program by Co-op Students" Thailand
  “Transnational perspectives of WIL internships: views from alumni in Vietnam” Australia
  “Service learning: An empowerment agenda for students and community entrepreneurs” South Africa
  “Effective Implementation of TVET industry partnership for Employability of graduate through Work Integrated Learning in a South African TVET College” South Africa
  “A case study of Work Preparedness Programmes offered at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University South Africa
  "Mapping Out Employability Through Short-Term Study Abroad-Discovering Students' Cultural Quotients" United States
  “Talent Mobility for Education Development” Thailand
  “A cost-benefit analysis of project-based work-integrated learning for industry partners” Australia
  "Career prospect for communications students in the fast changing digital world" Vietnam
  “Are our Graduates ready for work and ready for life?” New Zealand
  “Aligning cooperative education with professional licensure requirements” United States
  “Providing a bridge from university to industry” South Africa
  “Exploration, Development, Graduation, and Employment: A Multi-Campus, Enterprise-Wide Framework for Student Success” United States
  “Challenges and Opportunities for a Mandatory Co-op Program in a Small Resource-Based Economy” Canada
  “Ayutthaya 4.0, the Work-base Learning in hometown” Thailand
  “Influence of the KOREATECH Co-op Program (IPP) on Graduates’ Employment and Job Performance” South Korea
  “Toward the Development of the Work Integrated Learning in the New South African Programme” South Africa
  “COOP Penetration: WD-Thailand to WD-Malaysia” Thailand
  “1st International Co-operative student in HGST a Western Digital Company” Thailand
  “Employer Engagement in Skills Development through Work-Based Learning in Malaysia” Malaysia
  "Preparation for Cooperative Education Students in Thai Universities" Thailand
  “Mobile Application to track the progress of a Trainee in Cooperative & work-integrated Education” Thailand
  “An Analysis of the Students’ Perceptions and Experiences of their Involvement in Assessment Practices of South African Higher Education” South Africa
  “Risk Management and Emergency Response Framework for International Work Terms” Canada
  “Preparing students for learning in professional settings through mobile technology” Australia
  “An “audit” of successful strategies co-operative education students employ during CPA Recruit (CAFCE-funded research project)” Canada
  “A New Approach to Developing Multi and Trans- disciplinary Co-operative Education and Work Integrated Education and Research opportunities through Community Engagement Partnerships Strategically and Centrally driven at Institutional level” South Africa
  “How to develop a conference proceedings paper into a journal article” New Zealand
  “Developing a rubric for online WIL, employability and entrepreneurship resources” Australia
  “WIL in Motion: Trigger films to deepen critical reflection of WIL practices” Australia
  “Online professional development: Extending the international connection of experience and impact” New Zealand
  “The practice and challenges of work-integrated learning in Asia” New Zealand
  “Accommodating Students with Disabilities within the WIL Framework” Canada
  “International WIL Placements: Mutually Beneficial or One-sided?” South Africa
  “Developing a Global Framework for Work Integrated Learning” Canada
  “Creating Career Pathways for Employability” United States
  “Transforming practice: Innovative models for WIL” Australia
  “Capacity Building in Work Integrated Learning through Learner Autonomy” Australia
  “What are the best methods and instruments for assessing the outcomes of participating in a WIL?” Australia
  “Looking at structured reflection methods and tools towards the enhancement of Work Integrated Learning as a form of experiential learning” South Africa
  “Increasing the capacity for students from equity cohorts to engage in WIL: What is your experience?” Australia
  “WACE: How can we assist you and your institution in meeting the Challenges of the 21st Century: A Roundtable Discussion for new and experienced CWIE colleagues” WACE
  "Designing High Impact Programs for Learning and Employability": An Overview by Faculty & Alumni of WACE's Three Day Institute for Experiential Education” WACE
  “Work Integrated Learning & Assessment” South Africa
  “Enhancing employability of students through set of skills and attributes” South Africa
  “Partnerships in International Work Integrated Learning: The Western Digital Experience “ Canada
  “Entrepreneurship” South Africa
  “Familiarity in industrial dynamics enhances employability of Analytical Chemistry WIL students from a university of technology in South Africa” South Africa
  “Comparison between midway and final assessments of students and supervisors self-assessment/assessment of student performance on clinical placement” Australia
  “A new model for preparation and post-management of CO-OP to enhance the effectiveness” South Korea
  “An investigation into effectiveness of internal controls for work integrated learning in distance learning” South Africa